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Gastronomy, aura and a community of African roots

So, let's allow our minds to go blank as we prepare to venture into the elemental, into the exotic, into the wild, where our only goal is to satisfy our most primal needs. We are transported to a place that is pure inspiration, a place that roars and seduces.

Travel with us to the southeast coast of Africa, to an essentially inhospitable land where African culture receives and embraces nuances from other parts of the world: we delve into the folklore of Madagascar, a culture of African Bantu origin with Southeast Asian and European influences, characterised by the diversity and unity of its people.



Madagascar's cultural diversity makes its gastronomy a fusion in itself: African-based cuisine with influences that come all the way from Arabia, China, India, France and other regions of Europe.

In Malgache we've flipped this around and we've prepared a range of dishes of international origin to which we've added nuances of African influence.



A journey to a virgin, pure and warm land where time stands still, a land where we can breathe in peace, where we can enjoy the rays of an eternal sunset that paints in shades of orange and red a horizon caressed by fierce, exotic and wild nature while we listen, in the background, to a wonderful tribal harmony and the beat of a djembe drum.

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Malagasy is where a community of people from different backgrounds come together, united by a common desire to reconnect with their wildest nature and satisfy their most primal needs.

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Mangrove swamp

The terrace, a space inspired by the dense, green, rain forests of Madagascar where you can enjoy the freedom of the open sky.

Savannah room

The main meeting point for the Malgache community, inspired by this land of baobabs, tamarinds, and palm trees.

Traveller’s lounge

This space takes its name from the Traveller's tree, a native of Madagascar, renowned for quenching the thirst of many visitors to the island throughout history with the water that accumulates at the base of its leaves.

The Sun Lounge

A space designed for groups with a décor inspired by the red, yellow, and orange tones of warm evenings on the African continent.

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